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are cannabis seeds legal in australia

In this state, you can get off with a caution 3 times in 10 years, unless you possess more than 50 grams.

Victoria works with cautions as well – you can get away with a caution twice, as long as you don’t possess more than 50 grams.

In South Australia, you will get a fine of $50 to $150 for carrying under 100 grams of marijuana or 20 grams of hush.


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No criminal charges will be filed against you in this state if you possess under 10 grams of weed, or grow it. You will however have to attend a Cannabis Intervention Session.

In this state, it is fairly safe to possess up to 25 grams of marijuana or grow up to 2 plants, unless you do it hydroponically. If you stay within these limits, you risk a fine of $100. When this is not paid in 2 months, you have to participate in a treatment program.

After poking around on their website for a few minutes, it’s pretty obvious that Australian Seed Bank is not a legit seed bank.

This means you’ll have to pay a fine (within 28 days) instead of facing prosecution.

Western Australia has stricter cannabis laws than most states.


Paying it will prevent you from getting a criminal conviction, meaning you won’t have to go to court and face a Magistrate or Judge.


They will also replace any seeds that do not germinate without any questions asked.

Penalty units also rise with inflation every year.