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are autoflowering cannabis seeds any good

Yes, the first autoflowering strain was less potent, but note that it was released more than 10 years ago, nowadays you can find autos that are as potent or even more than photoperiodic strains.

Most importantly, Purple Punch had the potential to slam your body and brains with THC that extended up from 19 to 23 percent! That’s an enormous number, considering that you can get it even if you grow it at home. This is why this strain became famous, and it made growers go crazy for one reason – THC.

1. The Potency of Autoflowers

The Purple Punch at Fastbuds is an autoflowering strain that was crossed with exclusively selected genetics. It has a flowering time of just 9 weeks from seed to harvest, meaning that you can finish the entire grow cycle in just 2 months and 1 week. Now, compare that with the photoperiod Purple Punch which takes about 5 months to finish. And, what about the THC, you ask?

Now, Ruderalis had many advantages. Not only could it grow in any given condition, but it was sturdy as well. It didn’t take a lot of time to flower either. In other words, they were “autoflowering”, which meant that began flowering irrespective of the light they received. They were small and discreet with an automatic growing period that was certainly better than photoperiod strains. They didn’t even need a lot of care because these sturdy buggers did fine on their own. But, the only problem was that Ruderalis didn’t boast of high THC. Growers quickly decided to ditch the plant. When the first Lowryder was introduced, their worst fears came true because they lacked potency. However, Ruderalis had one more advantage.

In the cannabis industry, photo strains were always given prominence. For quite a few years, photoperiod strains displayed their dominance and growers had no other choice other than purchasing them. It must have been horrible for growers and medical marijuana users since they were stuck with photoperiod strains forever. However, things changed as soon as autoflowers hit the scene. Auto-flowers or autoflowers – no matter how you call them – were introduced just a few years ago. When you get something new, you can expect a lot of restraint because, as humans, we are inclined to resist change. Pretty soon, there were many myths surrounding autoflowering strains including their potency. One of the first autoflowers to be introduced was the Lowryder, which was a cross of the Ruderalis and the Northern Lights. It was a good strain with many medical benefits including relieving stress and fatigue. However, it was far less potent than photoperiod strains.

This autoflowering seed is highly disease-resistant, so you shouldn’t have any issues during the growth process. With indoors or outdoors growth options, this autoflowering strain is as convenient as it gets.

I Love Growing Marijuana is one of the best seed banks that has plenty of auto seeds to explore in a variety of indica-sativa ratios and strains.

6. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme – Best Low Maintenance Marijuana Seeds

These autoflower marijuana plants are fairly high in THC and CBD, making them a good choice for chronic illnesses. It will induce the munchies as well, so if you don’t have an appetite, this should help.

This autoflower strain is uplifting while still producing a powerful sedative effect , helping you to relax while still feeling fantastic. If you want something to make your nights in as memorable as your nights out, Gorilla Glue is the perfect choice for you.

The flavor isn’t as refreshing as the smell, unfortunately, but that’s a small price to pay for everything else that White Widow can offer.

The very name “ruderalis” stems from the Latin word “rudus”, meaning rubble. The subspecies appears in urban settings thriving in broken ground, close to demolished buildings, and in roadside ditches.

More extreme examples of micro-growing include cultivating tiny plants in modified computer towers, buckets, and boxes. Growers often use low-stress training to keep plants small and under control.


Autoflowering strains have a long list of advantages over photoperiod varieties. Their short life cycle attracts growers seeking prompt gratification, and their hardy nature makes them suitable for beginner cultivators and veterans alike.

For this reason, ruderalis abandoned the strategy of waiting for the seasons to change to trigger flowering. Instead, the subspecies developed an autoflowering gene to ensure reproduction before the temperature plummets.

Breeders produce feminized seeds through various techniques that are discussed in detail here. Just keep this in mind: pick up a pack of feminized seeds if you want nothing but buds!