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amnesia lemon fast cannabis seeds

This plant usually grows one meter tall and develops very evenly. Therefore, this variety is the perfect option to grow on reduced acreage. Nevertheless, Amnesia Lemon has a sativa appearance and develops many leaves.

Amnesia Lemon is very easy to grow and also manages some fertilizer quantity errors, but it does not need too many nutrients.

Amnesia Lemon Fast Version�by Seeds66 is a feminized marijuana variety created by crossing Skunk # 1 and our famous Amnesia. This variety has a typical sativa high, but its indica genetics make it very easy to grow and it has a shortened flowering time of about 7 – 8 weeks.

The Sea of Green (SOG) method, where the plants can be close together, gives you great results. The buds appear not only on the main stem, but also on the side branches and therefore need a kind of support such as bars or poles to carry their own weight. In an indoor grow, you can achieve yields of around 550 grams per square meter under optimum environmental conditions.

The effect of Amnesia Lemon provides a powerful, very balanced and long-lasting effect. She has a psychedelic effect and a physical stoned. The taste and the aroma are very complex. Although lemony dominates, its aroma blends with fresh floral scent and a fruity bouquet of spices and herbs.

Where Amnesia Lemon’s expectations are highest is in the jar and in the bong. Amnesia Haze fans will anticipate a cerebral sativa high—and they will not be disappointed.This uplifting and euphoric strain delivers hits of pure happiness powered by over 20% THC. And with each inhale comes a burst of luscious lemon flavour that coats the taste buds and nostrils. It’s a citrus sensation backed by the sweet and earthy embrace of classic Skunk. What more could you ask for from a sativa-dominant hybrid?

Amnesia Lemon will make you “forget” all about the long flowering period of other sativa-dominant hybrids. This marriage of two superstar performers makes for a strain with an invigorating citrus flavour and an upbeat high. Brighten up your day with a squeeze of Amnesia Lemon.

The team at Barney’s Farm is more than familiar with the cannabis community’s desire for fast-flowering sativas. Never one to shy away from innovation, the seedbank took things a step further, combining the prestigious and fan-fave Amnesia Haze with the always reliable Lemon Skunk. It’s this very reliability and hybrid vigour that makes Amnesia Lemon much faster and easier to grow than her Haze ancestors.

Amnesia Lemon (Barney's Farm) feminized

Cannabis Cup awards

While most Haze hybrids take well over 10 weeks to bloom, Amnesia Lemon is an anomaly. Requiring only 8–9 weeks to flower, plants will remain compact at 100–110cm indoors. This means growers who never thought they’d have the space to cultivate a sativa can take full advantage of this citrusy specimen. Despite her reasonable height, the yield is still well above-average, clocking in at around 550g/m² of forearm-sized colas indoors.

The Barney’s Farm breeders were recognised for their feminized Amnesia Lemon at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2004, where it was awarded first prize in the “Best Sativa” category.

Sativa-dominant Amnesia Lemon autoflowering marijuana seeds scored the Sativa Cup in 2012, underscoring the reason the strain has become a fan favorite and menu staple in cafes across Amsterdam. The tell-tale fragrance is both earthy and citrusy, and the effects are uplifting, energetic, and relaxing.

A hybrid with infamous parents, Amnesia Lemon autoflowering marijuana is great in social situations for its euphoric and cerebral high, but patients find relief from conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress.


Grown indoors or out, a beginner grower can do an excellent job and yield up to 400 grams per plant when cultivating the easy-to-grow Amnesia Lemon autoflowering marijuana seeds, and the addition of ruderalis cuts the average time this strain will stay in the flowering stage down to 50-60 days.

Earthy and citrusy at the same time, Amnesia Lemon autoflowering marijuana seeds and their high-THC content are just what you need for happiness and relaxation. Even beginners can harvest up to 400 grams per plant of this tall variety.

Amensia Lemon autoflowering marijuana seeds are for an uplifting high that relaxes you mind and body – order seeds now!