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amnesia fast cannabis seeds

Flavors: 3/5 – not as strong as smell, sour diesel flavor with a slight fruitiness on the aftertaste

Effects: 4/5: Active head high best enjoyed before getting tasks done or out with friends. Potent sativa dominant hybrid, indica influence is faint but present. Definitely NOT for your sleepy time bowl. Breaks through a good tolerance, and a good high lasts about three hours from finishing the bowl. Overall, seems like a solid Haze high with the usual positives and negatives that go with the more sativa side of things
Medicinal use: 3/5- migraines, pms, depression, has a bit of an edge to the high that may be more fitting for recreational use

Test Method: 8 inch bubbler bong, one bowl smoked of a ground-up cola tip

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Colors: 4/5 – Green, Orange, Gold
Bag appeal: 3/5 – Solid, but not full eye candy
Structure: 4/5 – Frostiness is there, a fully Sativa structure with long foxtails

Growth (5/5) – Healthy, looked and smelled great throughout, no issues, can only ask for more yield in the end
Yield (3/5) – While it very well may have grown better with a more experienced hand, in this grow she was prone to larfy buds; those combined with her trim weighed more than my cured flower weight in the end, but at least these will be great to make hash with

Density: 3/5 – Nugs could be denser, even by sativa standards, but respectable
Stickiness: 4/5 – Great resin concentrations for a sativa

My Grow Style/Setup: Compact indoor Coco Hempy Bucket – Probably as small of a plant as I’ll ever grow again, but made good use of the space available. HID lights with UVB in late flowering. Hung whole to dry for 5 days

Like its plants, unsmoked buds of Amnesia Fast emit an odor that’s woody and slightly earthy. Break them open and the fragrance grows in complexity. The aroma becomes more floral as notes of frankincense combine with an subtle fruitiness.

Plants emit a pleasant earthy aroma that becomes slightly fruity as they mature. There are similarities between this strain and the original Amnesia. But Amnesia Fast manages to produce a fragrance that’s even sweeter.

The overall result is a strain that’s mentally energizing and emotionally uplifting. Amnesia Fast produces a buzz that spurs your desire to socialize and sparks creativity. From a therapeutic perspective, these properties are superb for treating the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. Its numbing effects also make it great for combatting the pain caused by disorders such as arthritis.

Growing info

Unsurprisingly, given its genetics, Amnesia Fast is incredibly strong. With a THC content of around 20-25%, it produces a powerful high, more than living up to the lofty reputation of Amnesia strains. But despite its immense potency, it manages to produce effects that are well-balanced, eliminating the sometimes racey overwhelming high present in the original. With a sativa-indica ratio of around 70-30, it has a calming baseline to its cerebral stimulation.

This strain also grows well outdoors. When planted outside, yields increase to roughly 600g/m2, with plants ready for harvest at the end of September. Amnesia Fast is a reasonably easy grow that should be no problem for anybody who’s already undertaken a couple of successful cultivations. And the rewards for such a quick and hassle-free strain are something truly special.

Its sativa dominance give it a high that’s invigorating and upbeat. And its clear-headed effects also make it an exceptional medicinal strain. Reasonably easy to cultivate, this strain should be straightforward for people who’ve got one or two grows under their belt already.

Amnesia Fast boasts a lineage with serious prestige. It was developed by breeding the legendary Amnesia with a secret hybrid to produce an incredible sativa-dominant strain. The original Amnesia has clocked up over 18 separate awards over the past twenty years, including 1st Place at the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup and 1st Place Sativa at 2012’s competition. For many years, it could only be cloned. But now, those award-winning genetics are available in this stunning, fast-growing photoperiod.

Amnesia Haze de Soma x secret hybrid.

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Typical amnesia aroma but more fruity, with a touch of spring flowers. Very balanced effect between sativa and indica, very strong and at the same creative time.