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Auto Amnesia was created by crossing the original Amnesia Haze with a potent, stable Ruderalis strain. The result was an autoflowering variety that is intoxicating and therapeutic at the same time. The sativa indica ratio is 80:20 which means that the cerebral buzz is one to reckon with. If you are a new user, the trick is to start with moderate amounts and ride the wave to the utmost comfort zone that gives you the highest sense of euphoria and relief without being overwhelming.

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These amazing plants are short and dense when they are mature. In about 11 weeks, the buds will be covered with sticky white trichomes that appear sparkly under a microscope. This makes the buds hard to break by hand. The leaves are olive green in color and spot tiny filament-like pistils that turn to a deep brown when the nugs areready for harvest.

Auto Amnesia is among the best sativa strains that we have come across, going by the intensity of the cerebral high that it creates. This makes it ideal for medicinal users looking to quell pain instantly as well as recreational users who are seeking to experience the highest level of euphoria. Commercial growers will enjoy this auto flowering strain that gives high yields in about 11 short weeks. The aroma is herbal and will be enjoyed by those wishing to be one with the earth. Raciness is a concern that we have about this strain, but one that can be easily mitigated by exercising moderation.

Auto amnesia is an autoflowering strain that is easy to grow and will do well in both an indoor or outdoor set up. The plants are short usually about 60-100cm, which is unlike most sativa strains.It has strong Ruderalis characteristics and will fight off pests and molds easily. In about 11 weeks these plants should be ready for harvest. If you are doing an outdoor grow expect to be harvesting in mid- October. These characteristics make this strain one of the best sativas both for growers and users of all skill levels.

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Our cannabis seeds have come from pioneering breeders, some who prefer to remain nameless and others who are known worldwide for the quality of their breeding. Sacred Seeds and Sam the Skunkman are our most famous suppliers. The huge breeding programme helped to create seminal marihuana strains such as Skunk #1 and Original Haze.

In 2007, we launched the Seedsman Feminised cannabis seeds range, which was put together from strains created by breeders we had befriended in previous years. We have kept the number of strains to a minimum so that we can maintain the highest quality possible. Each strain offers a unique taste, and importantly, growth characteristics which display each strain’s individual genetic make-up.

As well as mass hybrid cannabis strains with mass market appeal, we are also very keen to maintain high quality landrace strains, as we see these as the fundamental genetics in cannabis evolution.

Auto Amnesia is the autoflowering version of our original Amnesia. Its long-lasting effect is powerful, psychoactive and more cerebral than physical. It is the perfect marijuana strain to relieve stress and enjoy relaxing moments.

It has the typical size and growth of a sativa plant. It is tall and slender with moderate internodes and thin elongated leaves, proper of these strains. Its yield is moderate and it produces dense buds covered in resin that emanate a sweet citrus aroma. Of (With its) vigorous growth, Auto Amnesia is a branched plant that also forms a large central tail.

This cannabis strain has a very intense flavor that delivers notes of wood and spices, which is very similar to its feminized version ́s taste. Its aroma is like its flavor, incredible.

Auto Amnesia is a hybrid that results from the cross between our Amnesia and a Lowryder. Now it is possible to put together every fantastic quality of the original Amnesia in an automatic version, what it means a shorter flowering period.

It is a strain that stands out for its easy cultivation, its potency and its average level of THC. It is ideal for any type of cultivator.