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american haze / california haze cannabis seeds

If you are looking for a great Sativa, the American Haze x California Haze is a sure variant that can deliver the pleasant high you are yearning for. Coming with beautiful flavors, this strain is even an ideal one to practice your home growing skills. Plus, if you grow this using feminized seeds, you will be able to celebrate a bountiful high quality yield.

American Haze x California Haze is a strain with a very pleasant high. It has amazing flavors ideal for first-time growers. This is a feminized strain therefore you’ll only grow an all-female garden. You’ll love its ability to produce the best yields and since it’s a member of the Haze family, expect a lot of energy and focus when you consume this strain.


Genotype: Mexican sativa THC Content: 20-24% THC

A Psychedelic Strain Perfect For The Long Weekend

This plant is enjoyable to grow; I have it in my sunny back garden, and she loves dancing in the sun. Her dank, fuel-like undertones satisfied my nostrils, and I got 620g of tasty nugs. It’s a wake-and-bake strain for me. In the mornings, I used to smoke it with a cup of coffee and a snort of this herb is surely a great way to start my day. I’m ready to take on the hectic work shift. It also helps me to live in a positive state of mind… you would not be disappointed by its positive effects! I’ll be buying more from this store in the future.

This plant is also not modest due to its distinct aroma. When the bud begins to accumulate a resin, its citrus and earthy scent can already get the attention of others. Its fragrance is very inviting and is also pungent.

This is filled with Sativa benefits making it more promising as a feminized seed. This is just so great for promoting calmness without resulting in lethargy. Marijuana users have turned out to become lively because of the use of the seed. They can also stay on for many hours without becoming hyperactive.

From The Mexican Sativa

Agent Orange Feminized Marijuana Seeds

This American Haze/California Haze (fem) best originates from the Mexican Sativa. This can offer such an impressive Sativa push. Its parents come from the family of Haze. Nothing can be said negatively about its efficacy. It is also best consumed in the daytime. This can bring about a burst of instant uplift and energy. This is way stronger and better than a caffeine kick. It can best revive your mind without experiencing that jitters.

Jean – October 29, 2020

American Haze/California Haze will give you that stimulating effect that you need to carry you through the day. This hybrid is best during the daytime to give you that push even after a tiring night. It is also powerful thanks to its distinct aroma, awesome resin production, and an inviting fragrance that will surely help you stay active.

Great company, great products. You deserve to get my 5 stars review! Its my 3rd purchase already and still feels satisfying. Wohoo! Rock on, CK!