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alberta cannabis seeds

Cannabis is continuously rising as a magical remedy for various health problems, especially for depression and anxiety. Also, it can be useful to your daily living. You can use it for pain, migraines, muscle spasms, insomnia, loss of appetite, and more. Therefore, growing plants on your own by using cannabis seeds will be a great idea to enjoy the benefits of weed.

If you’re hesitating to buy marijuana seeds from the online sellers, then you may get them from a local dispensary instead. More and more local dispensaries exist in most parts of Alberta, so getting high-quality seeds of your preferred strain should not be a problem.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Buying marijuana seeds online is somewhat better than buying from a local dispensary for some reasons like you’ll have more options and get discounts.

If you are new to cannabis cultivation, then you need to know a lot of things before you can get started. One of these is where you should get your seeds.

The local dispensaries have friendly budtenders who are always willing to offer a helping hand, especially to novice cannabis consumers or growers. These people can help you choose a strain. They may give you recommendations based on your health condition or purpose for using weed. They know each strain a dispensary carries, so they can easily pinpoint those strains of cannabis suitable for medical or recreational purposes.

The marijuana journey is a highly subjective and personalized experience. No two growers have the exact same method, let alone the same unique strain. Pacific Seed Bank offers hundreds of strains to choose from, so feel free to get creative and try a little bit of everything. We know you can’t beat classics like indica-heavy Kush strains and high-CBD strains that are loaded with medical benefits. Also, don’t feel pressured to spend thousands of dollars on the *perfect* grow room. We know many customers that grow marijuana using nothing but

Our seeds are so easy to germinate that you should have no problem at all getting started.

Jane Doe Feminized Marijuana Seeds

She may have mysterious origins, but everyone wants to know Jane Doe marijuana, a citrus-skunk hybrid boasting above-average THC and generous nugs coated in sticky trichomes.

Many novices are interested in the idea of growing their own marijuana but don’t know where to begin. If this sounds like you, some of your questions may include: Can I grow marijuana if I live in an apartment? Do I need special equipment? Is it even legal to grow marijuana? Well, hopefully, this article will answer some of those questions but we can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research before you grow. There are tons of resources out there dedicated to helping you grow the best garden ever. Once you’ve gathered enough wisdom to get started, buy marijuana seeds in Alberta from the pot professionals. Pacific Seed Bank offers an abundance of discreet shipping and payment options for your peace of mind, as well as delivery right to your door.

Strike big with Colombian Gold marijuana, a deliciously pungent and potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain that energizes the mind for a productive day.

After Terrence Parker, the road to the legalization of marijuana starts, and a Canadian man with epilepsy appeals to the province of Ontario for the right to use marijuana after being captured by the authority in 1996 for cultivating a marijuana plant himself for medication. This case actually ended up in the Ontario Court of Appeal, which laws that stopped Parker from cultivating marijuana for his medication and deprive his liberty and security rights. At the end, the federal government launches the MMAR or the Canadian Medical Marijuana Access Regulations.

Be sure to explain the symptoms you are experiencing with total accuracy. This could help your doctor make more informed decisions regarding your case. The more information you provide all the more your chances of becoming approved for qualification for possession and use of medical cannabis in Canada.


Diesel Kush is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that gives dense and stunning emerald buds exploding with calyxes and trichomes. This cannabis strain is derived from the parent OG Kush and Sour Diesel strains. This combination tends to result in a strain with a high THC level which is also full of flavor. Diesel Kush provides marijuana connoisseurs delicious tastes of diesel and lemon, in tune with a full body high that offers stress relief for the alertness for the mind and body. If you choose to grow Diesel Kush indoors in a growing tent or room, anticipate good yields of around 500 grams for every m2 and a height of about 160cm. But on the other hand, if it’s grown outdoors it produces medium yields and starts growing at heights of 2m and more. The harvest time for outdoor growing happens in the middle and the end of October.

Canada is the 2nd nation in the world and the 1st G7 nation to decriminalize recreational marijuana. This indicates that as of October 17, 2018, Canadian adults of legal age of18 or older, based on the province or territory may buy marijuana in-store or online.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission will be responsible for all online recreational marijuana sales starting on the first day of national legalization set for October 17, 2018. All other online sales are unethical. Retail shops are allowed to sell a duration of 1.06 ounces or 30 grams of dried marijuana to an individual person in a single transaction. Compulsory proper background checks are needed for all workers and retailers who have to be at least 18 years old and finish the Sell Safe Program in the region. Licenses would not be granted to applicants linked to convictions for activities such as drug trafficking or organized crime.