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ak 47 fast cannabis seeds

Are you looking for AK 47 cannabis seeds? In our webshop you will find cheap AK 47 cannabis seeds that are delivered to the desired address within 2- working days. Why order AK 47 cannabis seeds at FreeSeedsonline?

The AK 47 is a cross between the AK seed x NL Special seed and is a dominant Sativa hybrid. The AK 47 contains a very high THC content which is partly due to the fact that the NL Special seed also contains a lot of THC. The AK 47 has a natural aroma and is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. The AK 47 owes its name to its strong smell and smoke. Customers in coffee shops who bought the AK 47 for the first time often fainted after taking their first puff.

AK 47 weed seeds

TheAK 47 is known as”The most award winning cannabis plant”. She won 1st place at the Highlife Cup in Barcelona in 2006.

These little beans grow into gorgeous plants with massive, dark green nugs that are spattered with burnt orange hairs and glistening trichomes. This sparkling layer does more than add to the outstanding aesthetic, it also enhances the compelling odor of tropical fruit while strengthening the medical potential of the AK Fast herb. Little exertion is required to bring the beautiful buds to maturation, so adding this treat into your home grow is a no-brainer!

Ready to buy Ak47 Fast Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through the Weed Seeds shop? Amazing! We look forward to helping you along the way. One thing to take into consideration as you prepare yourself to start your grow from seed is that these are photoperiod plants. That means that they move through their vegetation stage and into their flowering process through the encouragement of a shift in the duration of light and dark cycling they are exposed to. If you are using a grow room or tent, you will need to use bulbs and timers to provide the optimal illumination to help your plants flourish. However, if you opt for a garden grow, the shifts in light as the seasons change from spring to summer, to fall will take care of all this for you!

When you can bring on the girls at lightning speed it is no wonder this strain is popular. When you purchase regular pot seeds, you end up with a mix of male and female plants. If you want to make sure that your female plants produce flowers, not seeds, you will have to remove the males as soon as their pollen sacs can be detected to avoid pollination. This is not an overly challenging process, however, it does mean that an undetermined amount of your grow space could be taken up by unwanted males. If you want to make sure that each seed you plant will flourish into a flowering female, buying feminized seeds is the way to go. One of the main reasons to buy Ak47 Fast Photo Fem seeds online in the USA is that each of these fast-flowering babies is born from a feminized seed!

Microview of AK47 Fast Pot Seeds

When you want to order all your favorite cannabis strains without doing much more than lifting a finger, Weed Seeds has your back! We provide a safe and easy online shopping experience for Grade A seeds. There is a delivery fee for small orders, but if you surpass the order minimum you will qualify for free shipping! You could add other tasty treats like Cinderella99 Fast Fem, Skunk X Rosetta Stone Fast Fem, and Critical Fast Photo Fem to your virtual cart to spice up your personal home grown stash while saving a few bucks. We have several secure payment options to choose from, including bitcoin and credit card. We deliver your selections in an unmarked package to protect your privacy. Spend your wait time preparing your space for its new seeds!

The aroma of this herb is intoxicating in its own right! The titillating blend of sweet fruits that fills the nostrils is reminiscent of a bowl of tropical fruit. Hints of zesty citrus and sweet pineapple flood the olfactory system creating an inescapable urge to take a puff of this delectable herb.

The experience on the palate is just as enticing as the aroma. The notes of sweet, tropical fruit are enough to trick your mind and body into imagining you are on vacation where they serve drinks with paper umbrellas! This smooth, fruity flavored smoke carries the flavor of pineapple and citrus to the taste buds, preparing you for the relaxing and happy buzz that is about to take over.

When investing your hard-earned money into a home grow operation, you want to know that your seeds will crack with new life, rather than lay dormant. When you buy Ak47 Fast Photoperiod Feminized online through Weed Seeds, you get the assurance of a germination guarantee as you embark on your grow from seed. With the weight off your shoulders, you are free to explore different options for encouraging seedlings out of their shells. A popular method that requires no extra investment, is the paper towel technique. Separate your seeds in a nest of two damp paper towels and two plates resting face to face. While this provides quick and effective results, it does leave your fragile plants to be manhandled and potentially damaged. However, you can also use soil cubes that keep your new growth protected as you transfer them to their garden plot or grow tent!