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african cannabis landrace seeds

Pure cannabis strains (also called landraces or purebreds) have developed in its natural environment and has never been crossed with any other strain but inbred through many, many generations. These varieties are very stable and present very few variations – if any from one plant to another.

These pure strains will bring amazing memories to smokers from the 60s/70s, since at that time this was the type of marijuana normally available on the market.

Landrace cannabis strains

Most landrace genetics are then 100% Sativa or 100% Indica, although there are some exceptions. Normally, pure or landrace cannabis strains often include their country or region of origin in their name. Examples: Hindu Kush (Indica), Acapulco Gold (Sativa), Panama 74 (Sativa), etc.

Pure strains have the advantage of offering very original flavors and effects, pretty different of those from today’s hybrids, which often contain the same genetic basis (Skunk, Haze, etc.).

Here you’ll find a list with all the pure marijuana strains from our catalog. We also include in this category those varieties created from crosses between two and three pure genetics.

Landrace indica genetics saw increasing popularity as hippy travellers began visiting these regions in the 1960’s, returning home with landrace indica seeds. Conflict in the 1970’s saw many international military personnel also return landrace indica seeds to the west. Some original landrace indica strains include the following:

Anyone looking for an easy to grow sativa with generous yields and a deliciously enjoyable high should take a close look at Power Plant. This unusual African sativa bends a few rules when it comes to delivering heavy harvests of THC rich buds. The plants are ready to harvest much quicker than most sativas. In good conditions, Power Plant is ready to harvest after around 8 weeks of bloom. Yields are very generous too. THC levels are high, Power Plant seeds are part of the Dutch Passion Classics collection.

Landrace indica strains:

Genetics from the best of the landrace weed strains have been used extensively when breeding modern strains. Girl Scout Cookies, for example, uses Durban Poison genetics. The following Dutch Passion strains are all largely based on landrace genetics with only a modest amount of modern tweaking.

Fans of autoflower seeds should check out Auto Mazar. Auto Mazar grows well under 20 hours of indoor light, taking around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Auto Mazar is also particularly recommended for outdoor growers. She takes around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest outdoors, her landrace Mazar genetics ensure she is tough enough to deliver harvests even in poor outdoor conditions.

Power Plant isn’t as stretchy as some other pure sativas (like Desfrán for example) and can produce medium height plants with notably chunky blooms. It’s a variety that you can grow well in a SOG (Sea Of Green) system with little (or no) vegetative growth.