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1970s california road kill skunk cannabis seeds

In this infographics, you have in summary form the main characteristics of the Skunk variety detailed in the previous paragraph.

This plant was born, marked by providence, to establish a milestone in relation to the consumption of cannabis, as we know it today.

Thus Sam intended to agglomerate the best of each of these varieties of marijuana in one : Skunk.

Skunk cannabis features

As in any good movie, there is always a detail that does not allow our hero to get away with it. In this case, the small detail was that growing and possessing marijuana was illegal.

This mixture of Skunk indica and sativa, gives some unique characteristics to the marijuana. When power was added with the Skunk sativa, it was believed that it could not be improved, but then came the Super Skunk sativa that became the favorite of many.

The gray mold that attacked the plants was a serious problem, but after the tests, they managed to create a marijuana plant very resistant to diseases and pests.

Neville also created his own version, the Roadkill Skunk, with a very strong aroma and a tendency towards the Afghan Indica. Other varieties of Skunk are as follows:

During this glorious time, selections of thousands of plants were usually performed outdoors. In this way, the best traits of the gene pool were detected and stabilised over the years, according to the criteria that has made the Skunk to become a truly impressive marijuana variety: nice yields, early flowering, nice branching, dense and resinous flowers with few leaves and extraordinary scent.

s french 2019-02-08
My view on things are simple. grow old strains from 70s land race sativas all outside all organic fuck the chemicals then tell me u dont have the best smoke around with full turpines flavor and the best stone.

Skunk genes in different marijuana varieties

Both the Skunk#1 and the different Skunk hybrids are usually early flowering plants, very easy to grow and then suitable for novice growers. Growing the Skunk is a safe bet in regard with yields, taste and potency. Remember to use active carbon filters to eliminate the intense smell of these plants.

Don 2019-08-11
I disagree some of you folks get skunk#1 mixed up with the roadkill skunk from the 70s and 80s is not the same skunk as skunk #1 I know because my father is a breeder and used to get the pure landrace skunk all the time it was only around in the 70s and 80s and short part of the 90s, I saw it twice in my life. It’s not a sativa it’s a pure 100% landrace Afghani indica it smells like a dead skunk almost when you have it in your pocket. You are not going to find the pure skunk anymore it’s all been bred out.

Today, the Skunk#1 is considered a stable and homogeneous plant, what explains why it is so oftenly used to develop new hybrids such as Haze x Skunk or Seedsman’s Hawaïan Skunk.